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It is officially April 20, so happy weed day! Yep, this is the day that people celebrate marijuana, grass, pot, ghanja — whatever you call it. This is also the day that many people fight for the legalization of weed. In states that have legalized marijuana, it’s been a huge boost to their economy and created tons of jobs. According to  the  Marijuana Policy Group (MPG), as of 2016, legal weed has created 18,005 full-time jobs and added about $2.4 billion to Colorado’s economy. Imagine the benefits if weed was legalized all over the country?

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In the meantime, people are still being very innovative with their marijuana and one particular strain of weed is a prime example. According to the Colorado Springs Independent, a strain of weed called Black Power is making a comeback. It goes back to the days when weed was illegal and “when millions of people, mainly Black, were incarcerated, ended up with the name Black Power if the dealer was sort of ‘woke.’ Some people say Black Power is a blend of The Black and Power Kush — or maybe, as others say, Black Domina and Power Kush.”

According to the review of the strain, “Black Power tastes like pineapple and mint, as a heavy-hitting Indica that doesn’t leave you stranded or sleepy. It’s a dark green bud that lands on the border somewhere between the ultra-violet purple hovering over things in super-hot climates and a dark green pine color pushed a few steps further.” Sounds powerful and, if you want to celebrate 420, Black  Power might be the way to go.

The Colorado Springs Independent also spoke to Wanda James, the first black owner of a dispensary in Colorado, about the importance of Black ownership in the weed industry. She explained, “We’re talking social justice, we’re talking medicine, we’re talking jobs, we’re talking tax revenue, we’re talking school construction.”

Sadly, as of 2017, out of the 3,200 to 3,600 marijuana dispensaries in the U.S., only 1 percent are Black-owned. So if you are considering buying weed — consider buying Black in the name of Black Power. Here are a few to choose from: The Hood Incubator, District Growers, Simply Pure (owned by Wanda James), The Canna MDs and The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company.


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