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Today is 420 so many people across the globe are celebrating all thing cannabis. However, like always, you have people who still associated weed with Jamaicans. In reality, according The Guardian, the biggest weed smoking country in the world is Iceland — Jamaica is actually number 22 on the list.  This makes a comment from a Nova Scotia politician even more ridiculous.

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 Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is running for leader of the provincial Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia. On a Tuesday there was a debate and one of the questions was about  Nova Scotia’s Cannabis Control Act. The province is trying to decide how it will sell recreational cannabis when Canada legalizes marijuana later this year. According to, randomly started talking about Jamaicans, “I grew up surrounded by hard-working people who were clear-minded, sober, and productive. I have a best friend in Amherst who is from Jamaica. She said to me, ‘Elizabeth, smoking marijuana in Jamaica is completely accepted, and there’s a completely different work ethic and very low productivity in Jamaica.’ I think we already have a productivity problem here in Nova Scotia. We do not need something else making it worse.” You know things always get dangerous when a white person says, “I have a best friend…”

She was quickly slammed on social media and gave a weak apology, “I am sorry if my comments were hurtful. I made a mistake and take full responsibility for that. I sincerely did not feel that my comments would be viewed in a negative light. Again, I apologize for my choice of words and any impression left that this was based on someone’s country, race or ethnicity. I am certainly open to meeting individually with anyone offended by comments to better appreciate their perspective.” Is she apologizing or making excuses? One line she says “I sincerely did not feel that my comments would be viewed in a negative light” then the next line she is saying “I’m sorry” again.

Hopefully the people of  Nova Scotia will make the right decision in deciding if they want this woman to represent them.


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