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On Saturday, April 28, 16-year-old Alijay Morgan was fatally stabbed in the Bronx while protecting his little brother from bullies. His mother Patricia Gay, 34, told The New York Daily News, “My big one turned around and saw the little one was being bullied by someone his age . . .  They started tussling playfully. Then it got serious. All I know, the kids said they’re coming back with a gun. Before you know it, some grown man came up to another kid holding a knife, said, ‘What are you doing with that?’ and took it from him and stabbed my son in his heart.”

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Alijay’s little brother, Jamar, 13, said, “My brother was protecting me from some kid that hit me out of nowhere. He gave me a wedgie at first. I gave him a wedgie back. Then he started punching me. So him and my brother started talking. I love my brother and I wish that never happened.”

Sadly, Patricia Gay was working at the time of the stabbing. She immediately went to St. Barnabas Hospital but  Alijay died before she arrived. The New York Daily News reports, “Alijay’s murder is the second one reported in the 46th Precinct so far in 2018. At this point last year, there had been one homicide. Ten were reported in 2017.”

Bullying is an epidemic. reports, “70.6% of students report having witnessed bullying in their school — and over 71% say bullying is a problem.” No arrests have been made, but anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.


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