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With the country on edge against restaurant racism after recent incidents at Starbucks and Waffle House, more racist alarms are being sounded. The latest #DiningWhileBlack (or trying-to-dine-while-Black) instance took place at a Plano, Texas, restaurant when a manager threatened to call police on a Black couple as if he was competing for a Guinness World Record for the quickest time to jump into racist mode.

Johnny Wimbrey and his wife’s time at Sambuca 360 went from cool to extra hostile when they were singled out by the manager. They were about to order some food at a table when the manager asked them to move. Why? He wanted to make room for a regular customer who was White.

The manager did the standard racist actions: chastising the couple, accusing them of a crime and, oh yeah, threatening to call the police. Why, again? Wimbrey, who had been to Sambuca previously for an event, and his wife respectfully questioned the manager for the racially motivated request and stood up for themselves. Watch the insane video that was taken via cell phone:

When Wimbrey asked why the couple had to move, the manager said, “Because I don’t like you.”

For real?

This is some craziness that speaks to the audacity of privilege. How many times do we have to keep saying, “Don’t Be Racist,” to people?

The manager in this case probably didn’t know that Wimbrey was somewhat of a celebrity in certain circles. The nationally known motivational speaker is welcomed into many places but couldn’t get a meal at Sambuca.

No word yet on what happened to the manager but folks have been keeping an eye out on this one. Sambuca 360’s Yelp page was already filling with reviews on their racism. One customer wrote, “Ridiculously racist! The way the manager acted is disgusting.”



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