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There are several Black thinkers, activists and game changers who deserve to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize over President Donald Trump.

Eighteen House Republicans nominated the president for the prestigious award, saying he should win it in 2019. Why? They want to recognize his work to end the Korean War, The Guardian reported. However, there are some serious problems with this nomination.

For one, Trump faces a major lawsuit for refusing to relinquish the ownership of his hotels, a move that has brought up an accusation that he is in violation of the Constitution. The criticism stemmed from foreign government officials spending money at his hotels. Scholars have argued that Trump is getting financial benefits, or emoluments, from foreign government officials. Trump’s crew maintained the story that he had given those profits to the U.S. Treasury.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has been giving out the coveted award—following the wishes of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel—since 1901. Questions have been raised about whether the prize and accompanying $1.4 million award qualify as an emolument or foreign government-given benefit, but the Nobel committee is independent from the government, The Guardian reported.

Secondly, Trump has been one of the most divisive figures in global politics today, and he has made racist statements pretty much everywhere. It would be easy to see why a Trump Nobel nomination would be met with strong criticism from Black Americans or seen as a ploy to push the president’s re-election.

It was a special moment for many when former president Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel prize. He won for efforts to promote “international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” something that Trump has not been able to do.

Here are some Black thinkers who could win Black America’s approval for a Nobel nomination after having done influential work recently:

Michelle Obama

The former first lady has spearheaded successful educational campaigns nationwide that have reached across the globe, including her Reach Higher Initiative, College Signing Day and Let Girls Learn. Girls and women around the world have been united because of these initiatives.

Mae C. Jemison

Jemison is an esteemed Black female scientist—a group underrepresented as Nobel prize winners. She is an engineer, former NASA astronaut and was the first African-American women to go into space. She is currently working to pave the way for interstellar travel with leading 100 Year Starship, an independent, non-profit global initiative that “ensure the capabilities for human travel to another star within the next 100 years while transforming life on Earth.”

Shirley Ann Jackson

The acclaimed physicist, who was the first Black women to earn a doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been the president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for nearly 20 years. She has helped to raise the national ranking of Rensselaer, the oldest technological research university, in the U.S. national universities category and triple the number of enrolled students who attend.



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