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We all know flying while Black can be dangerous. Whether you are kicked off a flight for having a non-contagious disease or no one believes you are a doctor when someone is in need of medical assistance.  In October, the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Black and brown folks on American airlines, urging African Americans to “exercise caution” when booking and boarding flights with the airline and saying we could be subjected to “disrespect, discrimination or unsafe conditions.” Well, Safira Allen, 25, of Las Vegas, was not going to let flying while Black get to her. She shut down an entire Spirit Airlines flight.

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The details are murky but ABC reports on May 1 Allen missed her flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas, “Airline officials said Allen ran down the boarding ramp of another Spirit flight to Vegas and took a seat that wasn’t ticketed to her.” However, Allen claims that Spirit closed the gate early, which is was why she missed her flight. To be fair, Spirit Airlines has been accused of this countless times over the years. Back in 2013, after 50 people from four different flights accused Spirit of leaving early, one passenger in Dallas said, “I was here an hour and 15 minutes early. How do you close a flight that early?”

Either way, Allen was not here for it. She recorded the whole ordeal on Facebook Live, saying, “After you made me miss my flight because you closed your gate early, I’m not getting off. You’re going to have to call the people.” She also added, “If I can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, neither can y’all!” And there’s this gem, “Y’all ain’t let the n—- on this m—–f—–. They’re gonna have to put me off, because they’re gonna tell me I was cussing. I don’t even cuss. I’m orthodox. So what are you saying?” Watch below:

All the passengers were forced to exit the plane because Safria insisted on staying in her seat. She was eventually arrested and, according to The Washington Post, she reportedly kicked an officer in the groin as she was being escorted through the jetway. Allen was taken to Clayton County Jail and charged with criminal trespass, simple battery and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. However, she was released and flew back to Las Vegas on American Airlines.

Allen’s video of the incident has been viewed nearly four million times.


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