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The 65-year-old Black grandmother who was forcefully manhandled and pulled from her SUV during a traffic stop in Georgia recently spoke out about the incident.

“Justice in America has become a diluted soup and it needs to gain its strength again,” Rose “Mama” Campbell said at a press conference about the May 4 violent arrest involving Alpharetta Police Officer James Legg, who quit after being suspended during an investigation into the matter.

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Campbell was pulled over for “failure to maintain lane” by Legg, who issued a ticket. When the grandmother said she was innocent and didn’t accept the ticket, Legg then opened her door without consent and forcefully tried to take her out of the vehicle. Legg also yelled obscenities at Campbell, who demanded to speak with a supervisor during the incident caught on dashcam footage.

At one point, several officers joined Legg in trying to manhandle Campbell, who said she feared for her life.

Campbell’s words on the horrible incident speak to how broken the criminal justice system is. The first point of entry for many people of color into the system of correctional control is through police stops or searches, during which some officers pull over or frisk people based on race.

There is a bias at the heart of this racial profiling that creates hostile situations for people of color. It’s crucial that this bias is addressed in order to begin to reverse decades of police brutality.


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