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According to the New York Daily News, Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, intentionally leaked the racy pictures of her that circulated over the internet. These pictures also resulted in the Cheetah Girl’s being asked to not perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

From the New York Daily News

Bailon’s friend, Jonathan Jackson, said he and the 25-year-old singer concocted the story that the racy photos were swiped from her laptop and posted without permission.

“Adrienne wanted me to plant thestory about the laptop,” Jaxson, a Hollywood publicist, told the DailyNews, explaining Bailon’s desire to be seen as more adult and sexy.

“[She]wanted to distance herself from the Cheetah Girls. She decided, ‘Let’s spice it up’ and say possible nude photos were stolen from her laptop.”

Jaxson said the publicity stunt was hatched after Bailon’s laptop was indeed stolen at JFK Airport more than a week ago.

The New York Post’s Page 6 is reporting that Bailon is now considering an offer from Playboy to pose nude. They also report that Disney is having her living off $100 a day and that she is not happy and wants to advance to a more mature career. Bailon has been in the public eye for sometime now, having been part of the girl group 3LW before it changed into the Cheetah Girls. Is it possible that she leaked the pictures to distance herself from the Cheetah Girls and start a career as a more mature artist?

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