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A Trayvon Martin TV series was the subject of court papers filed by the slain teen’s parents. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin said that the Weinstein Company owed them at least $150,000 for the series, which has yet to air.

An unarmed Martin, 17, was killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida in February 2012— a tragedy that sparked national outcry and fueled the Black Lives Matter movement. Martin’s parents wrote a book, Rest In Power: The Enduring Life Of Trayvon Martin, that was the basis for the upcoming Weinstein company television series. However, that series, though it has been filmed, is at the center of a case filed in a federal bankruptcy court in Delaware last week, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Fulton and Tracy Martin are owed fees for “executive producer services” after the Weinstein company optioned the rights to their book to make the unaired TV series, according to the court papers. If the series does air, the parents would be entitled to more money.

The deal between Martin’s parents and the production business also included an option for the studio to purchase movie rights to their book, the AP said.

Martin’s parents’ claims come after the Weinstein company filed for bankruptcy in March. Harvey Weinstein, producer and the company’s co-founder, was fired last October after several women, including Hollywood actresses, leveled sexual assault claims against him. The #MeToo movement gained steam last year after women came forward against Weinstein.

Since the sexual harassment and sexual assault stories came to light, more trouble for the Weinstein company has been disclosed. In addition to Martin’s parents, several actors, actresses, writers and producers have filed court papers against the beleaguered company for millions owed. This claim will be addressed during a court hearing in Delaware next month.


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