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This Memorial Day is a perfect time to honor heroes. Last month, we had the incredible James Shaw Jr. in Nashville, Tennessee who stopped a shooter armed with an assault rifle at a Waffle House. Now there is a 22-year-old Malian man who saved a 4-year-old child hanging from a fourth-floor balcony in Paris.

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Mamoudou Gassama was recorded on video scaling a building to rescue a baby on Saturday. Like a real life superhero, the young man from the African country of Malia (or maybe he is from Wakanda!) fearlessly saved a child’s life. Gassama crawled up the multi-storied building in fewer than 40 seconds. Watch the amazing video below:

Gassama is not a citizen of Paris but because of his courage French President Emmanuel Macron will make the 22-year-old a citizen. In addition, he will be offered a job by the Paris fire brigade.

“With Mr. Gassama who saved the life of a child on Saturday by climbing four floors with his bare hands,” Macron wrote on Facebook. I told him that in recognition of this heroic act he was going to be regularised as soon as possible, and that the Paris Fire Brigade is ready to welcome him.”

Gassama reportedly moved to Paris just a few months ago.

This is how a real hero should be treated. Macron took less than 48 hours to contact Gassama, met him in person and offered him citizenship and a job. Trump, on the other hand, waited 22 days to contact James Shaw Jr. with a lackluster phone call. Plus, Trump has disrespected immigrant families whose children have served and are heroes to this country.

Must be nice for France to have a president with compassion.


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