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A Black entrepreneur is on a mission to diversify the fashion industry. Priscilla Debar is the woman behind the online boutique Faubourg; a digital space created for women of color who are eco-conscious designers, Forbes reported.

Launched in 2017, the platform has grown from an e-commerce store to an outlet that highlights women of color who are passionate about environmental sustainability as it relates to fashion, the news outlet writes. Debar was inspired to create Faubourg after noticing the lack of diversity in eco-conscious spaces.

Debar’s passion for fashion was inspired by her great-grandmother, Eunice Adabunu who launched her own fabric trading business. Adabunu used what she learned as an entrepreneur to inspire and educate other women of color. Debar hopes to follow in her great-grandmother’s footsteps and do the same through her platform. “There’s a humongous lack of representation in an area that couldn’t be more universal. We’re talking about the future of the planet — there shouldn’t only be one type of beauty represented. I definitely want people of color to feel they have a role to play.” she told Forbes.

Through Faubourg she’s partnered with nearly 20 other brands. In the future, she hopes to collaborate with more designers from Africa and Latin America. Debar says her main source of inspiration is her 2-year-old daughter. “When doing all of this, I remember that I’m doing it for my daughter.”

There are a few designers of color who are using their craft as an avenue for activism. Earlier this year designer Tracey Reese created Flint Fit; a capsule collection developed in efforts to bring awareness to the fact that the quality of water in Flint is still negatively impacting the daily lives of those who live in the city.


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