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Another day, another white person on a privileged, uneducated and hate-filled racist rant. Today’s is brought to you by a white man who screams the grammatically incorrect tagline “White man built these streets!”

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According to ABC 13, Steven Jay Watts, 35, walked into a public area in Seattle and began hollering  racial slurs at an unidentified  Black man. Witness Keoke Silvano told ABC 13, “Just as a photographer, my instinct is to document. So I pulled out my cell phone and started recording.” The white man then began yelling at Silvano, who is Filipino. Silvano explained, “The main thing is if something happened either to myself or the gentleman sitting here, I would have some sort of living document of what was happening.”

While the white man was raging, someone said he was in the wrong neighborhood, and he replied, “Wrong neighborhood? White people are going to bury you. We built these streets! White men built these streets!” Which the video below, which is packed with tons of n-words.

According to Kiro 7, Steven Jay Watts was arrested and plead not guilty to harassment and obstruction — and he already had a rap sheet, which includes four assault convictions. He reportedly said in Seattle Municipal Court, “I’m getting harassed everywhere I go in this country. Everywhere in this country I get harassed.” Watts is being held on a $10,000 bond and his court date is June 25.

Just as a point, before white people settled in Seattle, Washington and pushed out Native Americans — the area was a thriving, non-white community. So, this man, like all racists, needs some education.


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