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On June 19, Antwon Rose, a 17-year-old from Pittsburgh was reportedly gunned down by police during a traffic stop. Officers allegedly pulled the car over for what they claimed was an investigation of a nearby shooting. The driver, Rose and one other person were in the car. The driver was arrested. The other passenger escaped the vehicle but was arrested on June 26. Rose allegedly ran as well and was shot in the back three times.

Now, Officer Michael H. Rosfeld, who is from the Allegheny County Police Department and was reportedly sworn in 90 minutes before the incident, has been charged in the shooting.

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According to CBS Pittsburgh, Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide.

CBS also reports Rosfeld once worked for the University of Pittsburgh Police Department from October 2012 until January 2018 and was “dismissed with cause,” but the reason was not disclosed.

Rose’s family released the following statement through their attorney, Lee Merritt:

“The family views the indictment with guarded optimism. We realize that conviction is a long road ahead and it will require our continued advocacy on behalf of Antwon. We echo the sentiments that this officer with a history of violence and a history of manipulating evidence to obscure his violence at previous jobs, there should have been safeguards in place to ensure that he wasn’t hired in the first place. Although it feels like we are moving in the direction of justice, the kind of evidence that existed at the time of the shooting, this is justice delayed for the family.” 

Antwon Rose was laid to rest on Monday, and a poem he wrote in May 2016 was read at his funeral. Lines included: “I am not what you think / I’m confused and afraid / I wonder what path I will take / I hear that there’s only 2 ways out / I wonder what path I will take / I hear that there’s only two ways out / I see mothers bury their sons / I want my mom to never feel that pain / I am confused and afraid.” He was in the tenth grade when he wrote it. See below:

Our condolences to Rose’s family and friends. We hope they receive justice.


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