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As we know from several viral videos, children are being ripped away from their parents when they are arrested at the border. Conservatives have tried to use every excuse for this deplorable behavior — from religion to claiming the children and parents are paid actors. Now one migrant worker is speaking out about the inhumane behavior that made him quite the job.

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According to, Antar Davidson worked at Southwest Key in Arizona, which is a nonprofit that detains hundreds of immigrant children. Under the Obama administration, he felt that he was doing good work, holding kids at a center who would quickly be reunited with their parents or a sponsor.  However, when the Trump administration began brutally enforcing the policy of separating families at the border, more scared children began arriving.

Davidson explained, “Kids are scared of the dark, so imagine what it would feel like for a kid when they’re separated from their parents in a facility. An overworked and underpaid staff had to deal with the trauma of these kids, [and] that required a very specialized training.” Some of the children were as young as five years old and some of the staff had no more than a week of training.

The job became too much for Antar Davidson when he was told that three siblings weren’t allowed to hug each other. He quit. “When I received this order [not to allow the siblings to hug], I realized, because of the way that things were going, there would be more situations that would arise in which I was asked to do things I thought were immoral,” Davidson said.

Immoral is the right word. The imagery is reminiscent of children being ripped away from their parents at a slave auction. Kudos to Davidson for walking away. No one with a soul should enforce these types of rules onto innocent children.

Watch Antar Davidson’s interview below:


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