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Comedy is about truth-telling, and some conservatives are mad that Marlon Wayans told nothing but the truth about the destructive secretary of HUD, Ben Carson. In his NBC sitcom appropriately titled Marlon, his son poses for a photo shoot and the title “Funky Monkey” is superimposed on his shirt, a plot taken from the H&M controversy.

Marlon wants his son’s photo removed, but his son wants to be in the photo shoot because his friends told him he would be famous. Marlon says selling out is not worth fame, saying, “Okay, and that’s cool, son, but what do you wanna be famous for? I mean, do you wanna be a hero or a sellout? I mean, do you wanna be Dr. Martin Luther King or Dr. Ben Carson? Do you wanna be Rosa Parks or Omarosa? Do you wanna be Mrs. Dash or Stacey Dash?” See the video below:

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Obviously, conservatives flipped. See below:

The dullards at Breitbart wrote, “Wayans’ message seems clear: Any black person who thinks for themselves and may come to a conclusion that strays from the Democrat orthodoxy is someone to be demeaned, targeted for destruction, and someone whose very blackness is to be denied.”

Clearly, no one has a sense of humor or any context. Carson is not considered a sellout because he isn’t “Black” enough, he is considered a sellout because he is actively creating policies that will destroy marginalized Black and brown communities. Since January 1, Carson has blocked the Obama-era Small Area Fair Market Rent rule, which would give low-income people better access to schools and jobs. Trump and Carson want to start a 32-hour per week work requirement, which if you don’t complete means you could get kicked out of HUD housing —regardless of if little-to-no jobs exist in an area or if they pay a starvation wage.

This is also the same person who said low-income people are “too comfortable” in poverty.  Carson is not only a sellout to Black people, he is a sellout to poor people who struggle everyday to survive, like his single-mother.

Again, the truth hurts.


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