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White people must really have an issue with Black people and water. All summer, Black folks have been policed at pools — and this latest incident may be the most insane. A Black man in Indianapolis was told to leave his own pool after being racially profiled by an off-duty cop. The incident was captured on video.

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Shayne Holland has been living at River Crossing Apartments since February 2017. He was casually enjoying a day by the pool when he was harassed by a random white woman. He told the Indy Star, “I had my headphones on when she approached me so I didn’t hear her the first time. When I asked her to repeat herself, she asked if I lived in the neighborhood. I said, ‘Yes.’ When she asked where I lived, I said, ‘I don’t know you and you haven’t identified yourself, so I’m not just going to give you my address.'” The white woman happened to be an off duty police officer.

Holland said he showed his complex-issued key, which gives him access to the pool, but that wasn’t enough for her. The officer contacted the apartment office, the manager arrived and confirmed Holland lives at the complex. However, the office manager told Holland he still had to leave because he didn’t give the off-duty police officer his address. The officer even snatches the pool card out of his hand.

Alex Stokely, vice president of Barrett & Stokely, the company that manages River Crossing, said the apartment manager has been placed on leave, which is great, but what about the ignorant officer?

Watch the deplorable video below.


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