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Some people think because we are in the Trump era that you can be as racist as our president and have no repercussions — not the case. A man in Chicago learned the hard way. He got a punch right to the face.

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According to The Chicago Sun-Times, on Thursday afternoon a white man called a Black man the n-word “on the platform of a Blue Line CTA station,” which is a commuter train. The outlet reports, “Eyewitnesses said the white man used the n-word, the Black man can be seen calmly removing his button-down shirt and glasses before socking him. The punch knocked the white man back and left him dangling over the edge of the platform above the train tracks.”

The Black man screams, “Call another motherf***er a n***er. F**k wrong with you?”

See the video below, which has been viewed over a million times:

The man literally knocked the sonic rings out of him.

The man who recorded the video, 27-year-old Mike Kemper, said when another Black man tried to help the white man, he began yelling slurs at that man too.  Kemper also said the white man deserved the punch, “My first reaction was … Yeah, [the white man] deserved that. I thought it was well-deserved.”

Other witnesses said the white man appeared to be intoxicated but that isn’t an excuse to hurl racial slur.

Officers did arrive at the scene but the “victim” was gone. CTA officials says the man who was punched has not filed a police report.


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