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Another day and another racist Republican exposed. This time it is Rep. Jason Lewis from  Minnesota’s 2nd District, which he was elected in 2016. Audio from a radio show he hosted, titled The Jason Lewis Show, has been rediscovered by and this man is clearly a hateful person.

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Lewis hosted the show from 2009 until 2014 with the tagline “America’s Mr. Right.” The show included deeply misogynistic comments like being angry that it was politically incorrect to call women “sluts.” He said claimed Black Americans had an “entitlement” issue, saying in 2012, “There’s a cultural problem in the African-American community that is leading to this. The entitlement mentality. You’re a victim. It’s OK to hate women, beat up women. It’s OK to hate gays. All this, we’re just sort of feeding this to people who are very lost because of the breakdown of society to begin with.”

He also said that Black people are addicted to social programs, “What the welfare state has done to the B;lack community, a hundred years of racism could not do, a hundred years of racism could not break it up, it could not destroy Black families. Jim Crow could not do it.” He stupidly continued, “But what dependency has done, is has caused unwanted pregnancy, illegitimacy. It has told young Black males that they are dispensable, they don’t need to hang around when mom needs support or whatever and it has destroyed — and not just Black communities, but any urban community, and so what you’ve got here is now they’re addicted. Large swaths of Hispanic communities, black communities are addicted to these, these subsidies.”

How amazing that this privileged white man thinks he has some special insight into the Black community.

It is quite possible these comments could negatively affect his career. reports he is up for reelection in November, “Narrowly elected to represent Minnesota’s 2nd District in 2016, Lewis is now considered one of the most endangered House Republicans in the midterm election. CNN rates the race as a ‘toss up,’ the most competitive designation.”

Then again, this is the Trump era, racist comments might help win the election.


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