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In an effort to be a beacon of light for young Black girls battling with depression, an entrepreneur has created a line of dolls designed to build their self-esteem. TiffanyJ created Super Beauty Dolls as an avenue to empower girls to be comfortable in their own skin, Black Enterprise reported.

The inspiration for the line of dolls was derived from the experiences that TiffanyJ encountered while coming of age, the news outlet writes. As a teenager, she struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. She decided to channel those feelings into art and began writing songs as a form of expression; eventually making a career for herself. In her early 20s, she released her first book titled It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide To Discovering Self and Loving; a self-help book where she candidly shares her battle with depression and offers advice for those who are going through similar experiences.

After releasing the book, she created the Super Beauty doll. When you squeeze the doll, she says positive affirmations that young girls are encouraged to repeat. “For a while, I had been on a mission with self-esteem advocacy, but that book did not reach the audience and mentees I had that were young girls,” TiffanyJ told Black Enterprise. “My idea for Super Beauty, a character I created in the persona of a young black superhero, was going to come in the form of a book that would have a traveling mascot. It wasn’t until I started shopping around for a mascot that the idea of a doll came about. And the more I thought about it, the more I knew she had to talk.”

TiffanyJ hopes to sell the doll at major retail stores.

Several entrepreneurs have created toy lines designed to empower young children of color to have pride in themselves. Cognizant of the lack of dolls with melanated skin tones and natural hair, Yelitsa Jean-Charles founded Healthy Roots Dolls so that young girls can see themselves reflected in the toys that they play with.


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