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The Trump era has caused many people to lose all sense of etiquette. Whether it was screaming the N-word, harassing a pregnant service woman, policing people at pools or calling the cops on an 8-year-old — people have lost their everlasting, entitled minds. With that said, there are some people who are not going to tolerate the madness, and one man learned that lesson the hard way in a Mexican restaurant in Detroit.

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Details were scarce, but a man tried to cut to the front of the line at a Hot Taco location despite being literally pushed back by other customers, according to the One man had enough and continuously said, “Back the f*** up, bro.” The man cutting the line didn’t listen and got the mess smacked out of him. He tried to fight back but only got another smack-down and collapsed to the floor.

“Another angry male customer in blue shorts intervenes in the brawl,” explained. “He grabs the offending man by his red t-shirt and forcibly drags him away counter. The two furious customers join forces and push the man away on to the crowds of onlookers. However the offending male manages to escape their grasp when restaurant security gets involved and break the fight up.”

See the madness below:

“It is believed that security staff ordered all customers involved in the brawl to leave the restaurant following the incident,” the reported.

Luckily no one was injured, but in why world did this man think it was okay to cut the line?


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