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A new generation of Ben Carsons and Stacey Dashes and were in for a shock when they traveled to Washington, D.C. and got themselves thrown out of an Uber for wearing Make America Great Again hats. Yep, these Black conservatives have now cried discrimination.

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A group of young, Black conservatives were in an Uber on their way to Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital (of course they were going to that hotel) when the driver confronted them, according to CBN News.

“Is that a MAGA hat? Well, I can’t do this ride,” Matthew Handy, an intern in the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, recalled the driver saying, thinking he was joking. “No, I’m not doing this ride. Get out of my car.”

They were kicked out of the car because the driver didn’t have time for self-hating, anti-Black folks who are upholding white supremacy.

Handy has begun whining that being kicked out of an Uber is equivalent to Black people being assaulted at lunch counters or attacked by dogs during the 1960s.

“To me, what happened took me back to the 60’s when Black Americans were told they couldn’t sit in the front of the bus, they had to sit at the back of the bus, or eat at the same restaurant, or go to the same school or would be hosed in certain neighbors,” he said. “So now we are going to discrimination not based on race but on political standing? We are gonna see people not welcome in places because they are conservative or liberal. So, that is more disturbing to me than any other aspect of this.”

They complained to Uber, got their money refunded but claimed they only received a “generic” response. Handy said he wants the Uber driver to lose his job.

“It doesn’t seem like, to me, that they are taking this issue seriously and I think they should,” he said. “I think they should look into this situation because it’s discrimination. They should fire this driver. I don’t want free rides, I want action.”

He also blamed Maxine Waters.

“It caught me by surprise but it didn’t. When you look at Sarah Sanders and with the teenager at Whataburger… but then you’ve got people like Maxine Waters calling for it. The Democrats say, ‘When they go low, we go high,’ and I’m not seeing that at all, when things like Maxine Waters calling, basically, for violence for all supporters and all who work for the president,” he added. “What she said is not ok. So, when something happens she’s gonna say the blood’s not on my hands but it is because she is the one who initiated it. This is not ok in America.”

Well, this is the climate Trump has created. Furthermore, Uber drivers are independent contractors and can decide who they want to service and deal with the consequences later.


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