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A Black security guard should soon be at the mercy of the justice system after a Detroit business owner spit in his face recently.

Robert Stanzler, 50, of Ferndale, Michigan, was scheduled to appear before a judge in 36th District Court in Detroit on Tuesday morning following the disgusting public display. Stanzler, who is white, was charged with assault and battery Sunday for spitting and raising his middle finger to Ibrahim Mission, 29, after the guard was only doing his job at a social justice event in the commercial neighborhood of Eastern Market on July 17, local news outlet WDIV reported.

The assault took place after Stanzler, one of the co-founders of clothing brand Made In Detroit and owner of the Detroit Mercantile Co., flew into a rage over cars parking on his property, prosecutors said. When Stanzler went to Mission to complain about the parking, the guard directed him to talk to the building owner. Apparently, Stanzler got so upset that he flipped the bird and launched his saliva at Mission, a video revealed.

“I’ve encountered somebody saying a racial slur, somebody not being too happy with security, but never ran into where an individual, especially a white individual, felt comfortable enough to spit on me,” Mission said to the Detroit Free Press.

Police who viewed the clip of the incident arrested Stanzler on Wednesday but he was released later the same day. An investigation was also opened into the incident, which was viewed as an act of hate against an African-American person. The business owner later released a statement about his offensive and demeaning behavior, which had already been lambasted by  Eastern Market owners.

“The situation initiated by Mr. Robert Stanzler was unfortunate, disappointing and insulting on every level,” owners Scott Rutterbush, Rakesh Lala and David Brown said in a statement. “His behavior represents what we as a community, city and society should work to abandon, not embrace. Our concern now is for our employee, Ibrahim Mission who was demeaned by Mr. Stanzler, and our guests who were subjected to this behavior. We won’t tolerate or condone this type of behavior.”


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