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An Oregon man recently dodged large fines and jail time after his horribly racist attack of a Black woman last month.

Islam El Masry, 38, a food cart owner in Portland, reached an agreement last week for fourth-degree assault and harassment charges to be dropped in exchange for paying $1,000 to Carlotta Washington, 47, after a disturbing incident. El Masry sprayed hot sauce, threw a Gatorade bottle and hurled a racist slur at Washington when she tried to pay for a meal at his Small Pharoah’s Egyptian and New Yorker Food cart in early June, The Oregonian reported.

A Multnomah County circuit judge ordered the charges against Masry be dismissed Friday as part of the civil compromise agreement that also held both parties to deny liability in the incident, court records showed.

The interaction between El Masry and Washington took a bad turn when the owner got upset Washington paid for a $7 lamb and rice plate mostly in quarters, she told the Oregonian last month. El Masry forcefully pushed the quarters back at Washington and called her the unidentified slur. He then threw a full bottle of the sports drink at her before dousing her in Sriracha hot sauce while cursing at her. Washington recorded the entire incident with her cell phone.

Not only did she miss out on her meal but she had to wipe hot sauce from her eyes and face and clothes.

El Masry was arrested but released from jail before he published two confession videos to YouTube about the incident. He didn’t acknowledge he was being racist. Instead, he said he was in a bad mood because of “business issues and cooking food during a Ramadan fast.” He also blamed part of the encounter on Washington. However, he also expressed regret over what happened.

Washington was happy to begin putting the incident behind her after she signed the agreement.

“He did a bad thing, I hope he gets his life together, gets help for his anger and will think twice so he doesn’t assault and humiliate anyone else like he did to me,” Washington said. “But I have to forgive him because dragging this on, trying to sue him and holding grudges isn’t going to make me feel any better.”


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