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As we all know, from Starbucks to Applebee’s to IHOP, getting respectful customer service can be nearly impossible when you are Black. However, what is even worse is when the injustice is caught on video and you are the one charged with a crime, which is the the case for 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons.

She was arrested by white police officers at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama, in the early morning of April 22. A video showed three officers slamming her to the floor and exposing her breasts, with one officer threatening to break her arm. See below:

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According to Canita Adams, Chikesia’s friend who filmed the assault, the incident happened after the white employee who took their order said there would be a charge of 50 cents for plastic utensils. Canita and Chikesia were allegedly there the day before and there wasn’t a charge for plastic utensils. They canceled their order, Canita left and Chikesia stayed behind because she wanted a business card, but the woman called police instead. See the Facebook post below:

“[I]t’s fair to say that the information we have received at this point differs significantly from what has reportedly been attributed to Ms. Clemons and strongly supports the actions taken by the Saraland Police Department,” Waffle House told at the time. “The Saraland Police Department is conducting its own investigation and we encourage you to contact them for additional information.”

Yep, you read that right: “strongly supports.”

Clemons was booked on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest before being found guilty on Monday night.

“Judge Mark Erwin said that Clemons was found guilty because the facts of the case met the legal definitions required to find a person guilty, and had nothing to do with the high level of emotion that had played out in the weeks and months before,” reported.

“The judge has ordered a $200 fine plus court costs on the resisting arrest charge along with a $200 fine for the disorderly conduct charge,” reported.

In addition, “Clemons was also sentenced 10 days, but days are suspended for 1 year of informal probation. Clemons has 14 days to file an appeal if she chooses to do so.”

Her lawyer said they will file an appeal.

How despicable that Clemons was charged with a crime while an officer who violated her civil rights gets no punishment. This is America.

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