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The world was still mourning the tragic killing of Nia Wilson when white supremacists spoiled the teenager’s vigil Tuesday night, leaving one of the racists beaten badly in a violent episode caught on camera. See below:

The man who was attacked was allegedly a member of the Proud Boys, which the Southern Law Poverty Center has called a hate and extremist group. According to one Twitter user, police intervened to protect the racists, drove them off in a squad car and tear-gassed the crowd. reported the Proud Boys had gatherings scheduled for Monday as well as August 5, which “has further incited the speculation that the attack [on Wilson and her sister] was a premeditated hate crime.”

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Activist Shaun King posted a video on Twitter late Tuesday night that provided some additional context.

“There is a vigil in Oakland last night thousands of people show up. They’re grieving, including the family. They’re there and they’re grieving. … White supremacists in Trump hats calling themselves proud boys, a new white supremacist group. It’s like the new KKK,” he said. “They’ve just put on nicer shirts but it’s just the KKK in a different form. With Trump hats, [they] show up to disrupt the vigil. Like, show up to interrupt people grieving. How sick do you have to be to show up and interrupt people during their moment of grief?”

King continued: “I don’t think you will find a single moment in all of American history, where hours after a white person was killed, Black people show up to the vigil while people are grieving to interrupt that.”

Watch the video below:

John Cowell, a 27-year-old suspected member of the Proud Boys, was arrested on Monday night in Oakland and charged with killing Wilson at the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s MacArthur Station. He was tracked down thanks in part to King and other community activists exposing him on social media.

Condolences go out to Nia’s friends and family. Nia’s sister, Latifah, was stabbed as well but survived and was reportedly recovering in the hospital.


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