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Meghan McCain recently had a breakdown on national television over the term Democratic Socialism, which has gotten more popular due to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district. The View co-host ranted, “The problem with socialism, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, is: at a certain point, you run out of spending other people’s money. Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world in the 70s — now the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds because they’re starving to death! Ninety percent of the country is living in poverty. This is what I need from her. Name one country [where] socialism has ever worked.”

Fortunately, Joy Behar brought up several countries where socialism has worked: Canada, Finland, Norway (you know, the country Trump loves) and more. Watch below:

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Award-winning and respected journalist Soledad O’Brien saw Meghan’s breakdown and posted on Twitter — without even tagging McCain — “Full on freak out.”

Meghan, who clearly must be searching for her name, responded to O’Brien by saying, “Get a life” and babbling about her future grandkids. See below:

Meghan, who has been rich and famous for years and is probably afraid of her inherited wealth being taxed, got a nice tongue lashing from O’Brien, “I have a (busy!) life—four kids, run a small business, anchor some tv shows, been an award winning journalist for a minute.” She continued, “Watch you’re video. You were having a full-fledged freak out. It undermined your argument. You should work on that.”

Clearly, Meghan knew she wasn’t going to win in a battle with a woman who has worked hard for all of her success and isn’t the offspring of a Senator who reportedly receives more money from the NRA than any other Senator. Meghan weakly responded with, “Haters gonna hate.”


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