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Stephen Fuller Austin is known as the “Father of Texas” because he founded the state in 1825. In reality, he colonized the state in 1825, though historians like to pretend he discovered it. The city of Austin, Texas was named after him, along with countless schools. Now there is talk about renaming the city because he was a passionate defender of slavery.

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The New York Post reports, “The state capital’s city council is considering renaming dozens of streets, parks, monuments and landmarks with ties to the Confederacy. The city name itself is included on that list — which designates it as ‘not directly tied to the Confederacy and/or the Civil War but within the spirit of the resolution representing slavery, segregation, and/or racism.'”

However, people may be flipping out too soon. The Austin city name is up for “secondary review,” therefore, it requires “more analysis” by council members, which means it will probably never happen.

That said, The New York Post reported on the neighborhoods and street names that are under consideration to change, writing, “the neighborhood name of Bouldin Creek, which was named after slave owner Col. James Bouldin, and a historical marker for Major William Martin ‘Buck’ Walton, the late governor of Texas who served as a major in the Confederate army” and “several street names — like Dixie Drive, Confederate Avenue and Plantation Road.”

More than likely, these changes will not happen. It will reportedly cost $5,956.23 to make the updates, and Texas will certainly not pay that much money to rectify the sins of its “founding fathers.”


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