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A high school football player has sparked outrage with a racist video shot in North Carolina. The clip, featuring an unidentified athlete saying the N-word, has prompted students to call for the player’s suspension, as well as a protest.

“People are pretty upset, and they want something to be done,” Jordan High School student body president Aminah Jenkins, who is Black, said to The Herald Sun. “Our main concern is not his political views, it’s his views toward women and his use of the N-word that’s the main concern. That’s what’s got people so upset.”

The student-athlete, who is a senior and plays lacrosse, was also seen making a sexist remark and pledging support for Trump in the video, which Jenkins posted on her Twitter page.

The hateful clip has gotten the attention of Durham Public School officials, but it’s unclear yet whether they will move forward with benching the student. The video was recorded off of school grounds and during the summer, Chip Sudderth, a spokesperson for DPS, said Tuesday.

However, the school has taken steps to address the incident, Jordan Principal Susan Taylor said.

“When I was first made aware of the video, several actions took place and will continue,” Taylor said, condemning the student’s behavior. “The actions were designed to investigate, address the behavior, plan for healing, and take steps to ensure that Jordan is a school in which all students are and feel welcome.”

Jenkins wants officials and others to know that incidents involving slurs are particularly hurtful to people of color.

“We’ve know for years that stuff like this happens on and off campus, but no one ever talks about it in a manner that allows ups to move forward,” Jenkins said.


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