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Black Lives Matter in Sacramento is making sure no one forgets Stephon Clark‘s name. On Sunday, BLM crashed the wedding of a Black cop who reportedly fired ten shots at Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18, 2018. The cop has not been charged or arrested, and he is still patrolling the streets. Now, the founder of Black Lives Matter in Sacramento, Tanya Faison, is speaking out about Police Chief Daniel Hahn, Sacramento’s first Black police chief.

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On The Clay Cane Show on Sirius XM Urban View channel 126, Cane asked Faison, “Do you feel like Chief Hahn has done all that he could do to get justice for Stephon Clark and his family?”

“Definitely not. All skin folk ain’t’ kinfolk,” Faison said. “When I first saw that he was made chief I felt bad for him, because I know that Sacramento has a really bad reputation of killing people and I thought — now it’s going to fall on the face of a Black man.”

Faison continued, “But in our local city government, Howard Chan is our city manager and he is the only person that can fire a police officer, but he does it with the recommendation of Daniel Hahn — and Daniel Hahn has not recommended those officers be fired, nor the officers that beat Nandi Cain in the middle of the street, or any of the officers. Some of them get medals for what they do. I feel like he definitely has not done what he supposed to do, especially being a Black man in the police force. He needs to try to make changes.”

Listen to Faison’s comments below:

Daniel Hahn was sworn-in as police chief in August 2017.

Faison said they are waiting for District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert to press charges against the officers involved in shooting Clark. Black Lives Matter has been protesting outside of her office for 19 weeks, leading Schubert to build a fence around it.

In addition, there has been another police killing in Sacramento since Stephon Clark. On June 6, 30-year-old Brandon Smith died in police custody after allegedly being arrested for a parole violation for “admitted use of illegal drugs.” He died of “unknown causes” inside a police transport vehicle, but police later claimed it was an overdose.

Watch the news report below of Smith:


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