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Clark Atlanta University came under scrutiny Tuesday for a student housing crisis, but Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are not alone when it comes to housing issues. With the new college semester getting underway, even well-resourced schools are trying to manage challenges.

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Social and traditional media outlets were abuzz with stories about roughly 150 CAU students who said they paid in full but had not received dorm rooms. Angry students and parents demanded answers but received no satisfactory explanation from the university’s administration.

A vague response from administrators to WBS-TV in Atlanta on Monday night suggested that the students failed to follow instructions about housing process deadlines, hinting that at least some of them had financial issues.

Meanwhile, administrators at Purdue University are also struggling to resolve its housing issue. Caught unprepared for an enrollment increase, the university placed more than 100 incoming freshmen in makeshift dorms on campus, but parents and students are angry with that solution, WLFI-TV reported on Tuesday. It could take up to two months to permanently house all students.

At Washington State University, 155 sophomores, juniors and seniors were still waiting on Tuesday for campus accommodations, one week before the semester started, according to the Daily News. Like Purdue, WSU was caught without a housing plan for an influx of 4,300 freshmen students this year.

After closing a group of student apartments for mold in March, the University of Missouri-Kansas City was not ready by Aug. 8 to meet its student housing demand, the Kansas City Business Journal reported. Converting lounge space into accommodations is one of the temporary solutions for the university, as it scrambles for other ways to meet the need.


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