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White spaces are getting even more dangerous, and a Black teenager learned this while attending a country music festival in Willamette, Oregon.

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An unidentified Black teenager who is 18 years old was attending the Willamette Country Music Festival that included artists like Kid Rock. The Sacramento Bee reports the teen was walking around a camping area when he saw a Ford pickup truck drive by him waving a Confederate Flag, “The teen didn’t like the flag and yelled at the truck, which stopped. Officials say one male got out of the truck, and he and the teen began yelling at each other before the person from the truck hit the teen several times and then drove away.”

Friends of the teen found him, called police and he was taken to the hospital where he was treated for injuries. The man who assaulted him could not be found, but there were “three occupants, who were described as either in their late teens or early 20s, according to the Sheriff’s Office.” Also, the person who assaulted him was “described as wearing blue jeans, a black muscle shirt with the sides cut off, brown boots and a black cowboy hat.”

According to the Statesman-Journal, Linn County Lt. Michelle Duncan would not say if the assailant would be charged with a hate crime. “We’re going to investigate that portion of it as well,” she said. “Until we do more interviewing, I can’t say whether it will be or not.”

Kid Rock often waves Confederate Flags at his concerts.


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