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Republican Sen. Steve Erdman is so terrified of Black and Brown people that he believes if a university hires a diversity director “white Christian males” will suffer.

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The University of Nebraska has started looking for their first Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion, which is clearly a step in the right direction. However, the 16-member committee who are seeking potential candidates haven’t even come close to hiring anyone. Nonetheless, Sen. Erdman is in a white public.

In a published column on the official site of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, Sen. Erdman bizarrely complained a Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion will “impose favoritism” for Black Lives Matter, Me Too and LGBTQ movements. He whines, “The addition of a Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion also means that every word spoken by White Christian conservative males at the school will be excruciatingly scrutinized against the backdrop of the new Vice Chancellor’s extremist progressive worldview.”

Sounds like Erdman ignores favoritism for “White Christian conservative males,” especially when the “most active white nationalist in Nebraska area” was allowed to be a student at the university.

Erdman also believes having a Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion will mean the faculty will become “racially diverse regardless of talent, education, experience, or expertise in the field.” Erdman may not realize that there are probably already  White Christian conservative males who are on the University of Nebraska staff and not employed for their “talent.”

President of the University of Nebraska  Hank Bounds said in a statement to The Washington Post, “I was shocked and deeply saddened when I read the column. For any elected official to champion these kinds of dangerous views only serves to damage our great state and our ability to recruit and retain the top talent that will grow Nebraska for the future.”

Sen. Erdman needs to stop with the white tears. He will not lose his privilege anytime soon.


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