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If BBQ Becky thought her public shaming was over, think again — the 911 call from April 29 has been released.

PICTURES & VIDEO: White Woman Who Called Cops On Black BBQ Becomes Hilarious Meme

BBQ Becky, who has been reported as Dr. Jennifer Schulte, made one 911 calls asking for police to come out immediately because people were barbecuing with charcoal in Oakland, California at Lake Merritt. However, the police did not come — she claims she waited 2 hours.

Schulte makes a second call and gets a dispatcher who is clearly confused by the entire situation. At one point, the dispatcher says, “Are you living in the park or something? Why can’t you separate yourself?”

Schulte then refuses to give out her race, although she willingly give out the race of the people she called the cops on, and says repeatedly, “My race doesn’t matter!”  The dispatcher says her race matters and asks if she has ever been to a mental facility.

BBQ Becky says she is being followed but you can repeatedly hear Michelle Snider, the woman who filmed the video, demanding BBQ Becky return her husband’s business card, which she denied having on the call but she had in the video. Snider explained in an interview after the incident went viral that Schulte had taken her husband’s business card and she feared BBQ Becky would try and get him fired.

The 911 call is pure white woman entitlement. Listen below:

Dr. Jennifer Schulte has never spoken out publicly about the incident. But as we reported, Stanford’s alumni page associated Schulte with the company Horizon Water and Environment, an environmental firm in Oakland. See her alleged photo below:

Despite the above caption, Stanford denied Schulte works at the university.

In case you missed it, check out BBQ Becky’s infamous moment below.


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