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DeRay McKesson‘s debut book “On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case For Hope” dropped yesterday. The activist and organizer stopped by “The Clay Cane Show” on Sirius XM Urban View channel 126 to discuss the book, police reform and his role in Ferguson. DeRay also talked Twitter, which shifted to one of his most infamous tweets about 2017’s “Planet of the Apes,” a post that caused Whoopi Goldberg to blast him on “The View.”

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Cane asked, “Do you have any regrets over that ‘Planet of the Apes’ tweet?”

McKesson said while laughing, “Why do I have to relive this?”

In case you missed it, a promo for “Planet of the Apes” in July of 2017 was released and it included an ape in a blue vest.  McKesson is known for his blue vest and some people on Twitter said the image was mocking Black Lives Matter. See the image below:

McKesson explains, “Literally, I’m getting messages for two days from people saying, ‘DeRay say something about ‘Planet of the Apes.” I’m like I have not seen the movie I’m not pressed about it — but I keep getting these messages. Finally, someone I know in Hollywood, who I trust, he reaches out and says, ‘DeRay, I think this was a reference.'”

McKesson then tweeted the following:

McKesson told Cane that immediately people were offended, and he deleted the tweet, which is something he rarely does. He explained, “Of the things that I feel really strongly about, this just wasn’t something I felt super strong about. The tweet is probably out for about 45 minutes. … So, I’m like cool, it’s over.”

He continued, “Then I woke up and I was her [Whoopi Goldberg’s] — whatever that segment is called [hot topics]. She had a whole moment. Sunny [Hustin] had my back so I appreciated Sunny. Some people reached out personally about it instead of participating in the pile on, but that was not a fun day.”

Listen to the full clip of McKesson on Sirius XM’s “The Clay Cane Show,” click here.


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