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Dallas police officer Amber Guyger killing Botham Shem Jean in his own home on September 6 has become an international controversy. Jean was from St. Lucia and now the Prime Minister of his island, Allen Chastanet, is speaking out on the death of the 26-year-old.

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According to St. Lucia Times, Chastanet said, “Some people want to go further, that this was home invasion and therefore is subject to capital punishment. Now again, all these things are starting to play out because capital punishment is what the whole world has been trying to convey to us that we should not practice, yet here is a state in America that still practices it.” He continued, “This is the inconsistency or hypocrisy, if you want to call it that, that exists in the global context that we have to deal with.”

He also slammed the number of West Indians who have been kicked out of the U.S., “So if a person has remained in America with a green card and then commits a crime, that person now is subject to being deported versus if that person had become a citizen, they would not be,” the PM explained. “We look at what’s taking place in the UK with Windrush in terms of, again, an administrative process that invited West Indians to come to England and unfortunately in the mayhem of everything else, people did not become documented.”

He continued, “As angry as I am and we all should be and as outraged as we are, this is so big and therefore you  are talking about this has not even reached the federal level yet in the states, while many of us may not have confidence in the process, the process is what we have and we have to give that process time.”

The U.S. and the U.K. has been criticized for kicking out West Indians at higher numbers recently. In April, according to The New York Times, “Prime Minister Theresa May apologized for harsh treatment of some Caribbeans who have lived in Britain legally for decades but have trouble documenting their status.”

As for the Botham Jean case, Guyger still has not been fired.

We truly hope the family of Botham Jean gets justice.


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