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A bar in Rochester, New York is one of the latest night spots to come under fire for allegedly sending a subtle racist signal through its dress code that Black customers not welcomed.

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Social media users began calling out Murphy’s Law Irish Pub after Herbert Smith posted a picture Sept. 16 of the bar’s dress code on Facebook, Yahoo Lifestyle reported.

The list of banned clothing items includes do-rags, hoodies, baggy pants and Timberland boots. Facebook friends confirmed Smith’s gut feeling that Murphy’s Law was sending a racist message.

“I post a lot of stuff on Facebook, so I thought a few of my friends would chime in,” he says. “But what happened next I was not expecting,” Smith recalled.

Hundreds of people chimed in. The list is “code for no black people,” one person wrote, according to Yahoo.

“My problem isn’t the dress code. It’s the fact that Murphy’s Law only enforces the dress code for people of color,” another person commented. “I tried to go there a few years back and they denied me entrance because of my outfit but there was a group of white people that had on similar outfits like the one I had on.”

Not everyone shared Smith’s view. Murphy’s Law just wants customers who to wear “classy attire,” a detractor stated.

The bar denied that it’s dress code, which has been in place for nine years, is intended to racially discriminate against anyone.

These cases keep popping up. In April, a story was shared on social media about a Fort Worth, Texas bar that refused to allow a Black customer to enter because he was wearing Air Jordan sneakers. However, the bar permitted his white friend to enter wearing the same Jordans after the two of them swapped shoes.

In 2016, a Richmond, Virginia bar came under fire for posting a list similar to the one at Murphy’s Law. 7 Hills Brewing Company’s list of banned items included large gold chains.


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