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It has been over a month since Amber Guyger, the 30-year-old officer who killed Botham Shem Jean in his own home in Dallas, was charged with manslaughter. There continues to be outrage over how the case is being handled, especially by the Black district attorney Faith Johnson. However, there could be an explanation — she is up for reelection and needs to keep the cash flow coming in.

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Johnson is up against Democratic candidate John Creuzot, and they have both battled it out in fundraising. reports Johnson “led Creuzot by about $8,000 in donations after amassing more than $109,000 in the latest fundraising period, which covered the past three months.”

However, it appears Johnson is raising more money than Creuzot. says “Johnson reported about $452,000 in the bank. Creuzot, who won the Democratic nomination in a hard-fought primary, had a war chest of about $106,000 for the campaign’s final leg, according to campaign filings. Creuzot’s filing this week was incomplete. He omitted his total spending for the latest fundraising period, along with the required list of donors and expenditures. He said Thursday that he couldn’t get his report completed on time and planned to file an amended one this week.”

Faith Johnson is taking money from everywhere, including former state District Judge Vickers Cunningham—a man who lost his bid for county commissioner in this year’s Republican primary after saying he had a living trust that would reward his kids financially if they marry white, heterosexual Christians. Yep, this is Johnson’s base.

Therefore, Johnson may be more concerned about her cash flow then properly handling the officer who killed 26-year-old Botham Jean. Fighting for justice—instead of fundraising—may cause her to lose being reelected.

Earlier this week, Johnson said, “Only thing I’m saying to the people of Dallas County — trust me — we are planning to put before this grand jury, as soon as we can. In fact, we’re trying to expedite it to get it even quicker than we probably should, do but we’re not going to compromise anything. That’s what is so critical, we don’t want to compromise any evidence that we think is going to be critical for them to make the right decision in the case.” See below:

We don’t know if you can be trusted, Faith.


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