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Megyn Kelly‘s horrible rant that made light of blackface on Tuesday had folks on Twitter looking at her—and her advertisers—sideways once again. Now, her advertisers are facing a boycott and may have to brace themselves for losing big money.

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The question, undoubtedly, is will any of NBC and Kelly’s financial backers pull out after her latest tone-deaf, racially offensive move. It’s a fair question, especially given the former Fox News anchor’s history of sunken place comments, NBC’s controversial decision to bring her on in a move forcing Tamron Hall‘s exit and Kelly’s low ratings.

The broadcast network counts companies such as Allstate, Dell, Crest, Geico, Salonpas, Chubb North America, Ameriprise Financial, Liberty Mutual and Progressive Insurance as advertisers.

Perhaps the well-paid Kelly, with the backlash growing against her, sensed that her advertisers were upset and publicly issued a weak apology to save herself. Perhaps she also was reminded of the consequences of her past missteps.

Last June, JPMorgan Chase pulled its ads from NBC following Kelly’s interview with Infowars founder Alex Jones, Forbes reported. Kelly, who was hosting her Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly program for the network after leaving Fox News, sparked major controversy with the decision to sit with Jones, a far-right radio host and writer. The JPMorgan’s chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau, tweeted that she was “repulsed” Kelly would give airtime to Jones.

With more than a year at NBC, Kelly is still considered a failing bet for the network, social media users have said. Time will tell if Kelly will soon get her walking papers.


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