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This weekend, Candace Owens is hosting Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. Ben CarsonStacey Dash, Colion Noir and others will be in attendance at the event to recruit more people to the sunken place. This is a wet dream come true for white conservatives who love when Black people dismiss racism or defend their racist president.

While promoting the summit, Owens decided to babble some conspiracy theories about the recent suspicious packages that have targeted Democrats and liberals.

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On Twitter, Owens said in a now deleted tweet, “I’m going to go ahead and state that there is a 0% chance that these ‘suspicious packages’ were sent out by conservatives. The only thing ‘suspicious’ about these packages, is their timing. Caravans, fake bomb threats—these leftists are going ALL OUT for midterms.”

When asked by The Hill’s Krystal Ball about that tweet, she answered, “I have the responsibility of just being a person that maintains my own ability to have an opinion, express an opinion. By no means did I say I just found the facts and this is related.”

Ball replied, “You said there’s 0% chance.”

She continued, “Yeah, I said I’m going out to say there is a 0% chance this was sent by conservatives. I find all the things that are going on the caravan of illegals, the packages that are being sent, Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.”

Ball asked, “And you think the caravan too is organized by Democrats?”

Clearly, getting annoyed that she was outed spitting out a conspiracy theory lie on social media, she continued, “I find it to be incredibly suspicious timing to know that they are meant to get to the border on the day of the election. Again, this is not rooted in fact, but you do have to understand that I am very much entitled to my opinion Twitter is my platform.”

Ball also questioned Owens saying the “Democrat party is comprised of racist white liberals,” which made Owens get upset that she was questioned on race even though she is there promoting a sunken place summit on race.

See below:

Owens is clearly a political hack, who was anti-Trump just two years ago, and doing everything she can to cash-in on being the Black Republican.


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