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Mogul Sean Diddy Combs has been a fierce advocate for adequate education in underserved communities. Nearly a year after opening a charter school in his hometown Harlem, he recently announced that he will donate $1 million for the creation of a school in the Bronx, Variety reported.

The school—which will be a part of the Capital Preparatory Schools—is the charter school’s third location, the news outlet writes. There are currently two schools in Connecticut and New York which serves students in grades Kindergarten through 12. All of the students—many of whom are from low-income households and are the first to go to college in their families—have gone on to further their education at post-secondary schools.

Capital Prep Bronx, which is slated to open its doors during the fall of next year, will start off by accepting nearly 200 6th and 7th grade students and aims to serve 650 students over the first five years. This educational initiative is being spearheaded by educator Dr. Steve Perry. “Mr. Combs wanted to open schools to develop leaders. What he’s done with his investment is embody what we expect students to do, which is to invest their resources in our communities,” Dr. Perry told the news outlet. He added that the students, faculty and parents are grateful for his donation and that Combs’ commitment to leveling the playing field when it comes to quality education is inspirational.

Combs says using his platform and resources to push education forward is something that’s personal to him. “I came from the same environment these kids live in every day,” he said. “I understand the importance of access to a great education, and the critical role it plays in a child’s future. Our school provides historically disadvantaged students with the college and career skills needed to become responsible and engaged citizens for social justice.”

Combs isn’t the only celebrity that is advocating for education in his hometown. Earlier this year, Will Smith was honored with a larger than life mural in Philadelphia and now he’s selling merchandise that features the mural imagery to raise money for a local school.


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