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Macy’s reached out to NewsOne in response to an article about the fury among some social media users over its cluster of holiday images that depict traditional families minus a Black father.

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“We appreciate our customers reaching out to share feedback on our holiday pajama images. We apologize. These are some of a number of images were that were intended to celebrate families and togetherness, and our intent was never to offend. It’s important for us to know when we have missed the mark, and we appreciate that our customers let us know. At Macy’s, we are guided by our corporate values of Acceptance, Respect, Integrity and Giving Back. We know we are at our best when what we do fully reflects the rich diversity of our colleagues, customers and communities nationwide. We have shared the comments with our creative team and plan will have a thorough discussion on how to be more thoughtful in the future,” Macy’s spokesperson Radina Russell told NewsOne in an exclusive statement Monday morning.

Russell said the pictures that set off the controversy were “product images” that were cut and pasted together rather than an official ad.

The retail giant came under fire over the weekend on social media by Twitter users who were appalled that images in the department store’s holiday ad are missing Black dads in a traditional family setting.

Macy’s has additional national marketing material for the holidays that depicts African American families with Black fathers, Russell said, noting that its Father’s Day national marketing image in June featured three generations of Black Fathers on the cover.

The social media discussion about the controversial holiday ad cluster included a debate about Black families.

“People are more concerned about the portrayal of black single mothers then actual black single mothers. The only way Macy’s could release that ad and not get any backlash is because being a black single mom is the norm. But I don’t see anyone trying to change that,” posted a Twitter user who goes by the handle @Tears4Clowns.


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