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There has been outrage over the killing of  21-year-old  Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. Now, the mayor of Hoover, Alabama has released a statement calling for “patience,” which is quite ironic when the police who killed the military veteran, who was trying to save people from a shooter at Riverchase Galleria, exercised no patience or restraint with his gun.

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Mayor Frank Brocato‘s statement read, “We ask for patience as we continue to support ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) in its investigation of last Thursday’s tragic events, including pursuit of the shooter who still remains at large. Law enforcement has certain information about this individual and asks the public to provide ALEA with any available details that may hasten an arrest.” The statement continued, “There’s honestly not a lot we can say at this point since the investigation is not in the City’s hands.”

Sadly, the mayor didn’t even address how the police tried to blame Bradford for getting shot in the face nor how the police originally claimed he was the shooter then alleged he was somehow involved in the shooting — or how the  family learn of his death on social media. A thorough critique of the police’s handling of this case would have been something  to “say at this point.”

Clearly, the mayor is concerned about the bad press and protest in Hoover, Alabama tonight, which occurred tonight. See the protests below:

Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was killed Thanksgiving night. The cop who killed him has remained unidentified and is reportedly on administrative leave. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. We hope they receive justice.


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