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Muzukuli Quiin Abenakyo made it to the top five of the Miss World Beauty Pageant in China earlier this month. Although she did not win, she was celebrated for her striking beauty and poise. However, the President of Uganda decided to publicly shame her when she returned to Uganda.

“Abenakyo is indeed a tall, beautiful Musoga girl. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair,” President Yoweri Museveni tweeted Tuesday. “I have encouraged her to keep her natural, African hair. We must show African beauty in its natural form.”

Social media users promptly slammed Museveni for his post.

“Because in every conversation there must be people like you,” @ wrote.

Please Old man go and rest… have done your part please, give others a chance…. you are now destroying your legacy Mr President,”  tweeted.

The popular site even chimed in questioning Museveni’s authority on the topic.

After the backlash, President Museveni tweeted a second time.

“Again, I congratulate Muzukulu Abenakyo on this feat,” he posted without an apology. “Going forward, the government will support the Miss Uganda Foundation.”

Museveni has been president of Uganda since 1986.

Black women across the globe have routinely experienced discrimination over hairdos, whether it is worn straightened or in a more natural style. But Madame Noire reminded readers this past summer, “the natural hair movement has been a gift and a curse to Black women.” So it would seem that Black women are damned if they do and equally if not more damned if they don’t.

Congrats again to Muzukuli Quiin Abenakyo and keeping on rocking the hairstyle that fits you.

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