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White privilege was on full display when a white DWI suspect attacked Texas police officers during his arrest and survived—unlike the scores of Black men who have been killed by cops for doing nothing wrong.

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During his encounter with the police on Friday night, 45-year-old Christopher Rogers bit off part of a Denton police officer’s ear and assaulted a paramedic. Still, he showed up alive and well when booked at the Denton Jail, CBSDFW.Com reported.

When Rogers refused to leave his vehicle after the police pulled him over, the cops tried to force him out of the car, officials said. He punched one officer in the face and bit another cop in the scuffle. Ultimately, they tased Rogers and called an ambulance to treat the suspect’s injuries.

While in the ambulance, Rogers defiantly continued to fight. He kicked a paramedic who was trying to treat him. After the hospital took care of Rogers’ injuries, the police safely transported him to jail and booked him for resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and a DWI.

Statistically, it’s really no surprise that the police didn’t kill Rogers during the violent encounter.

Black men are nearly three times as likely to be killed during a police encounter than white men are, according to a comprehensive study published in 2017 that appeared in the American Journal of Public Health.

“My study is a reminder that there are, indeed, substantial disparities in the rates of legal intervention deaths, and that ongoing attention to the underlying reasons for this disparity is warranted,” Dr. James Buehler, a Drexel University professor, told CNN.

Although white men accounted for the largest number of deaths, the number of deaths per million in each demographic population was 2.8 times higher among Black men, Buehler found. His study was based on analyzing national vital statistics and census data on legal intervention-related deaths from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Denton Police Department was recently in the news about a controversy over hiring Black officers on the force, which suggests bias exists on the force. Denton city officials paid $68,000 in January to settle a lawsuit filed by a Black former police department recruiter. She alleged that the department retaliated against her for funneling too many African-American candidates into the job pipeline.


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