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The getaway driver behind the wheel of the car allegedly used in the shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle reportedly surrendered to authorities Tuesday afternoon. The unidentified woman turned herself in hours before the murder suspect, Eric Holder, was arrested in a Los Angeles suburb.

Aside from that, though, not much else was officially known about the woman accused of driving Holder to a store owned by Hussle, who was shot and killed there in South Central Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon

TMZ reported that, through some investigative handiwork, it contacted the woman in question on Tuesday prior to her turning herself in.

“We got tipped that the car police say Holder used was taken to an auto shop last June. We found out from people connected to the shop there was indeed a car that came in with the license plate in question. The name on the invoice was Eric Holder, along with a phone number,” TMZ wrote. “We called the number and a woman answered. She said she did not know Holder last June but subsequently did get to know him. That didn’t make a lot of sense because it appears the car is registered to either her or someone in her family … yet Holder’s name was on the invoice. She told us it was her car.”

The Los Angeles Times confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that “a woman who authorities allege was Holder’s getaway driver turned herself in.” But aside from TMZ’s report, little was known about her.

In typical fashion, social media users got to work sleuthing around and a handful of Twitter accounts tweeted that the getaway driver was either named or went by the social media handle of “Baylett Starz.” Others suggested she had gang ties, calling her “a chick from Hoovers,” a reference to the Crips.

Vox reported that Hussle was formerly a member of the Crips before he became the community activist he was before he died.

The person who social media users identified as the getaway driver allegedly has a Facebook page for under the name of Baylett SF Bayz. The last status update from that account came Sunday, the same day Nipsely Hussle was gunned down.

Below is a sampling of tweets claiming to have identified the getaway driver involved in Nipsey Hussle’s shooting.


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