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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has conservatives shook. So much so that some have resorted to calling her a terrorist. Fortunately, she — like always — had the perfect response to the foolishness.

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In a fundraising email from the Ohio College Republican Federation, she was labeled a “domestic terrorist.” See below:

Comments like this clearly put AOC’s safety at risk, which she pointed out on Twitter.

“This puts me in danger every time. Almost every time this uncalled for rhetoric gets blasted by conserv. grps, we get a spike in death threats to refer to Capitol Police. Multiple ppl have been arrested trying to harm me, Ilhan, & others,” she tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

She added, “, what’s it going to take to stop?

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has received many death threats. According to The Washington Post, “On March 21, a man called her office and told the aide who answered the phone that he would ‘put a bullet in her [expletive] skull.'”

As we all know, Ocasio-Cortez knows how to handle these conservatives. Back in December, Mike Huckabee, who has failed at running for president more than once, and his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who lies for a living, felt the wrath.

Mike Huckabee, who once said he wanted to replace the Constitution with the Bible, whined, writing in a tweet, “Ocasio-Cortez compares her election to moon landing. Huh? Big difference. Moon landing was LUNAR, not LOONEY; Moon landing done by ppl who knew what they were doing…those who elected someone who thought there were 3 branches of Congress did NOT.”

See the tweet below:

Well, Ocasio-Cortez had a time and clapped back with, “A Green New Deal will take a level of ambition + innovation on the scale of the moon landing. We’ve been done it before, and can do it again.” She then threw some shade at his daughter, saying, “Leave the false statements to Sarah Huckabee. She’s much better at it. Also, you haven’t been a Governor of any state for 10+ years now.”

Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman elected to Congress at the age of 29. She is representing New York’s 14th District and clearly isn’t like other Democrats who are sometimes passive and quickly back down. Omar is the first Muslim woman elected to Congress and has consistently called out the bigotry from the GOP.

As John Kerry said about AOC, she has “offered more leadership in one day or in one week than President Trump has in his lifetime on this subject.”

Well put.


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