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The internet has been set ablaze with tens of thousands of digital signatures aimed at removing one of Fox News’ most vile and disgusting purveyors of hate from the cable airways that she’s been polluting for nearly two years. While Laura Ingraham has survived multiple attempts in the past to get her fired for her repeatedly racist rhetoric, her latest violation of the basic standards for being a decent human came at the expense of the dead.

Ingraham — who has most recently toggled between bullying a teenage survivor of one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history and trying to reduce a socially conscious athlete to his physical prowess — may have officially cased her own demise when she mocked her network’s coverage of Nipsey Hussle, the rapper was killed by senseless gun violence on March 31.

During Friday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” after saying that “thousands lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle,” she and her co-host giggled and mocked “FDT,” Hussle’s song that condemned Donald Trump in no uncertain terms.

“So… the chorus it goes on and on,” she said about the song’s “F*ck Donald Trump” refrain. “Is that related to the lowest unemployment ever basically for African Americans?”

Now, online petitions have popped up across the internet, and many of them were taking aim at her show’s sponsors in an effort to get them to stop advertising. If successful, a lack of support by those sponsors could force Fox News to pull Ingraham’s show from the airwaves without those ad dollars funding it.

The best apology that could be received is for Laura to be terminated from Fox News networking channel,” one petition on wrote.

“Allowing her to continue to spew hatred and attempting to tear down his legacy will not be tolerated,” another effort on wrote.

Multiple petitions making the same demands could be found on, as well.

This is unacceptable and she needs to be disciplined like any other professional would for her actions like.. (ie; CEO of Papa John’s, H&M CEO, Louis Vuitton etc..), one petition on wrote, citing other businesses that have suffered backlash from their insensitive depictions of Black people,” one petition wrote.

Multiple rappers took to social media to also demand that Fox News remove Ingraham from the air.

Here is a list of her current advertisers, including Sandals Hotel/Resort, Carfax and Eli Lilly.  

Ingraham is known for amplifying racist invective, including spreading hate toward immigrants and being accused of being a Nazi sympathizer.

“It does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. … much of this is related to both illegal, and in some cases legal, immigration that, of course, progressives love,” she said on the airwaves of her hateful show last summer.

LeBron James was forced to put Ingraham in her sunken place in February of last year after the prejudiced pundit said he should just “shut up and dribble” instead of offer poignant social commentary that she took offense to.

Ingraham has also sparred with David Hogg, the Parkland survivor turned anti-gun activist. As a result, he issued a call to action to his followers and supporters that resulted in at least 10 of Ingraham’s sponsors pulling their advertisements from the show.

Those instances lent a good amount of credence to accusations Ingraham threw up a Nazi salute during the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Meanwhile, Ingraham was expected to return to the airwaves Monday night and keep spreading her hatred on Fox News, which had not issued an apology or even a response to the controversy.


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