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The expensive price for Jay-Z concert tickets on the resale market raised some eyebrows. Would the rapper and entrepreneur advise folks to pay those prices given the financial advice he offered on his last album?

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Jay-Z was chosen to reopen Webster Hall on April 26 after completion of a renovation to modernize the iconic New York venue. Ticket prices on Webster Hall’s website ranged on Wednesday from $250 to $399.

The resale price was $643 on by Wednesday afternoon. described itself as “a resale marketplace for event tickets.” Tickets are placed for sale on the website “by individuals who can no longer attend the events that they purchased, and by professional resellers.”

On his most recent album, Jay-Z shares some insight on the financial lessons he learned that helped him to build a net worth that’s now estimated at over $800 million. Those lessons appear to suggest that the money spent on resale tickets could go toward an investment to help folks get started on building the generational wealth Jay-Z talks about in his lyrics.

CNBC highlighted financial principles from those lyrics that helped him to build his personal wealth.

“You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit,” Jay-Z says. Indeed, avoiding debt and building your credit score are key to financial success.

Being creditworthy is an important element to successfully invest in real estate, which can build wealth, unlike the millions Jay-Z dropped on his car collection, CNBC noted. The rapper said in his lyrics that he “coulda bought a place in DUMBO before it was DUMBO,” referring to the renovated buildings in the Brooklyn neighborhood that have skyrocketed in value.

The “B-Sides 2” concert will be Jay-Z’s first time performing at Webster Hall, located in Manhattan’s East Village and first opened in 1886, according to CNN.

“When we were thinking about who would be the right choice to open this legendary venue, we knew it had to be a world-famous New York City icon,” said Brett Yormark, chief executive officer of BSE Global. “No one fits that description better than Jay-Z, who will join an unparalleled list of celebrated performers who have played Webster Hall.”


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