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RaNiya Wright is a 10-year-old girl who died after a fight in her classroom. Her family has been demanding answers and the prosecutors are claiming the fifth grader died of natural causes.

SEE ALSO: Some No Name, Pitchy R&B Singer Disrespected Keith Sweat And Gets Demolished On Twitter reports district solicitor Duffie Stone said, “There was no evidence of trauma on or inside the body of Raniya Wright that would indicate that any fight in any magnitude contributed to her death,” Stone said at a news conference, announcing the initial results of the investigation into the young girl’s death.”

Stone also claimed she visited “a doctor at least six times relating to headaches since February 2017, including 13 days before the fight. It wasn’t immediately clear whether her family knew before her death that she had AVM.”

He said, “It was a matter of time.”

Reporters asked if the fight could have affected her condition, Stone explained, “They (pathologists and others who examined Raniya) had no signs whatsoever that the fight had anything to do with it.”

No charges will be filed in connection with the 10-year-old’s death.

Earlier this month, Wright’s stood by that she had been bullied. At a news conference, Mark Pepper, a lawyer for her father said that for years there had been “altercations occurring on a regular basis between individuals in this specific classroom.” According to the New York Times, last year Forest Hills Elementary school had about 50 student behavior incidents that led to out-of-school suspensions.

Wright was involved in a classroom fistfight with another student at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, South Carolina, on March 25. Following the fight, Wright collapsed and had to be airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina where she died two days later. An autopsy was performed on Friday. 

School officials have been tight-lipped about what happened in that classroom on March 25., but Sean Gruber, a spokesman for the school district released a statement claiming that they were cooperating with the investigation.

“The district is cooperating fully with law enforcement as this matter is investigated,” Gruber said. “No further information is available now regarding the status of the investigation, but additional information will be provided as it becomes available.”

Margie A. Pizarro, an attorney for Wright’s mother, Ashley, said she would be requesting an investigative file and “pertinent information” from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Department and the Colleton County School District. Pizarro also announced they would be consulting with the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office to “learn the results of its inquiry into this matter.”

As of now, her family has not reacted to the latest developments.


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