The famously entitled Meghan McCain is known for her disrespectful attitude every day on “The View.” However, the lifelong Republican might finally make a sound political decision — she and her family will reportedly support Joe Biden, who announced on Thursday morning that he was officially running for president.

“The late GOP Sen. John McCain’s family plans to support ex-Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid — a stunning rebuke of President Trump, who enraged the family with his repeated attacks on the former POW both before and after his death,” the New York Post reported.

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Sen. McCain has been attacked by Trump in life and during his death, well after he died from cancer at the age of 81 in August of 2017. In 2015, Trump famously criticized the Arizona senator for being captured in Vietnam, insulting every POW in U.S. history

“He’s a war hero because he was captured…I like people that weren’t captured,” Trump said at the time. Those words were uttered by the same person who dodged the draft and refused to serve his country during the war in Vietnam.

Sen. McCain openly criticized Trump on several occasions and voted against the president’s plan to repeal Obamacare, which outraged 45. When he died, Trump, who apparently continues to hold a grudge, allegedly rejected a statement drafted by his staff that praised McCain for his heroism, the Washington Post reported.

That said, Meghan McCain would clearly only be supporting Biden because of her personal issues with Trump. That should all but definitely lead to several more awkward moments on “The View,” considering she constantly attacks the Obama administration, where Biden was the vice president.

For example, she and 76-year-old Joy Behar, the OG of the TV show’s panel, had a spat earlier this month over Obama. In that instance, while Behar was reflecting on the excellence of President Obama, Meghan McCain tried to imply there were scandals during his time in office.

Behar quizzed, “Do you know a scandal, can you name a scandal?”

Meghan McCain replied with, “I don’t want to do this with you this morning.” Behar pushed her co-host to name a scandal and she babbled about the Iran deal, which was a stretch.

“That’s not a scandal,” Behar clapped back. “That was their money, wasn’t it? That was their money.”

Meghan McCain, knowing she made a nonsensical point, started rambling about socialism and was eventually booed by the audience.

Watch below at the 1:45 mark:

Nonetheless, maybe the McCain family’s endorsement will get more Republicans to support candidates other than Trump.


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